KeyPoint Technologies today announces the launch of its revolutionary product, Adaptxt 3.0 world’s first location and application based keyboard app. Adaptxt 3.0 provides more accurate suggestions than any other keyboard in the market and this innovation redraws the frontiers of language technology & raises the standard of keyboard text input across the world. The Adaptxt 3.0 (Beta) incorporates ground-breaking features exclusive to KeyPoint Technologies which will create a new benchmark in smartphone keyboard input, leaving all the competition light years behind. The most radical innovation to be introduced in the version 3.0 update is Location-Based Word Suggestion and a smart AI detects your current location to suggest relevant street names, landmarks, etc., Location-Based Word Suggestion intelligently pin-points your location and suggests completed words to take forward the conversation. Designed to completely revolutionize the way you type, this feature is aimed to drastically reduce keystrokes by suggesting intelligent yet dynamic location-based words, which assure you of lucid communication built around lesser typing effort.


According to a press release, Mr. Sumit Goswami, CEO, KeyPoint Technologies said that,

“With the Adaptxt 3.0 update we intend to redefine prediction to the extent that it understands your writing style and context better, thus predicting nearly everything that you think and write. With the biggest ever language & dictionary bank, location and app based word suggestions and a host of enhancements, we seek to change the way the industry thinks about predictive text input. Adaptxt v3.0 is packed with new features which are added based on our users’ feedback that will help us in consolidating our leading position as the Android keyboard with the most intuitive keyboard input experience ever.”

These days localization is the buzz word for the app developers in India and Adaptxt 3.0 is a step forward in that direction by KeyPoint Technologies. In future localization of apps will drive the smartphone sales across the world as users look out for easy and effortless communication with their smart devices. Another cutting-edge feature in the version 3.0 update, is ‘Effortless Communication’. Effortless Communication is the smart Application-Based Suggestion feature detects your current application usage and offers relevant suggestions based on your app interaction. This smart feature intelligently understands whether you are interacting in a casual IM/ Social Messenger or Work E-mail and suggests word predictions based on your typing style in the current app.


The new version adds 14 new languages & 5 new specialized dictionaries, which helps you to communicate through world’s largest 100 and more language bank and choose from an impressive bank of 44 industry dictionaries. Improved word prediction, greater learning capability from user context, new themes, features and enhancements along with critical bug fixes, combine to make Adaptxt 3.0 the most refined keyboard text input app ever. It is available to users as an open Beta and you can experience the cool Adaptxt 3.0 (Beta) update through the Adaptxt Google plus Community.

Link To Adaptxt 3.0 Google Plus Community

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