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Hi, thanks for dropping down here. I’m an avid lover of technology and tech gadgets and I have my own reasons to love it. Since I’m bitten by Blogging Bug, so it was obvious for me to start a Tech Blog.

Talking about myself, I’m Vivek Parmar, Electronics and Communication Engineer by Education and a Blogger by profession from Kota, also known as “city of education in India”. I have a natural crush for technology and tech gadgets right from childhood.

I’m a freelance writer from India, having experience of Blogging and web technologies more than a year and providing many services already like:

* Setting up your WordPress Blog

* WordPress SEO

* WordPress Web-hosting Transfer

* Blogspot to WordPress Migration

* to Self Hosted WordPress Migration

* Thesis Theme Customization

* WordPress Custom Theme Design

* WordPress Maintenance

* WordPress Consultancy

I started my online venture with or you can say that my blogging journey started in 2009 and later I realized that why not to work on our domain. That’s why GadgetGuide4U and other domain names arise. This blog focus only on iPhone, Android, Software Downloads, etc. It is always being a dream for me and I’m glad that with GadgetGuide4U my dream comes into existence.

Every time I’m quite passionate about the latest emerging web technologies and always being on a hunt to find out the new tips/tricks/hacks that would make the things easier for anyone in this blogosphere. Being as a web evangelist I have a soft spot for technology and most of the time spends on conversation and discussions.

You can connect with us at twitter @gadgetguide4u for anything related to WordPress and Tech-Gadgets.