According to 9Apps, the average Indian user installs not more than 32 apps and only 26% users have Hindi language apps. If you are not aware, 9Apps is one of the most popular Android app store and has 140 million active users worldwide has released an apps trends & insight report on Android app market. According to the data compiled, most mobile users continue to download apps via 2G network and prefer offline playback versus online streaming amidst sporadic connection. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and UC Browser were the top apps of 2015 whereas Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and Paytm remain the most popular ecommerce apps. 17% of all daily app downloads continue to be games – with car racing and action games being most popular. India is Asia’s fastest-growing mobile gaming market with revenues expected to cross 1 bn by 2018.

9Apps Insight Report

Commenting on the report, Ebrahim Popat, Country Manager of 9Apps, said:

“We want to build a platform where all Indian developers can catch up with the trends in the app world. With the help of our actionable insights into users and local app trends, developers are able to keep themselves at the forefront of the app tide, understand what’s trendy and what attracts users, and make informative decision in developing the next hit app.”

With this report, UCWeb, the maker behind India’s most used mobile browser – UC Browser, has also announced the launch of 9Apps Trends, India’s first comprehensive local app market monitoring service that provides app trends, data analysis and an in-depth market report. The monitoring tool will address the growing need for a comprehensive app industry analysis and help local app developers and distributors.

9Apps Trendsis a public web facility with free access to all 9Apps Trends, which includes Overall Ranking, New Ranking, Top Searched, Top Installed, and other indexes, well represents the app market movements of millions of users – 9Apps is able to process and interpret the huge data generated via over 18 million daily app distribution. For instance, 9Apps Index, an index number originally created by 9Apps (ranged 1~100), is based on the massive download data from 9Apps Store which reveals how often a particular app is downloaded relative to the total number of app downloaded on 9Apps Store. Apart from trends, it also offers the best-in-class data analytics products & services and insightful app data reports to developers.

Adding further,

“We want to share the big data and our insights with the industry about mobile app user behaviors. I hope this can help us better understand India’s thriving mobile app market. The report will help Indian mobile users keep up with the trend, and enable app developers to perceive the ever-changing need in the market and twist their business tactics accordingly.”

9Apps’ year-end report 9Apps India App World 2015 Year in Review, is available for download on 9Apps Trends, and shed lights on the booming app market. The report was compiled based on 9Apps’ internal and massive survey data. As a popular Android app market, 9Apps distributes over 18 million app download every day.

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