For Windows Phone 8 fans, the 3rd party Vine client 6Sec is now available and you can download it from Windows Phone Store from here (download link available at the end of post). If you do not know, Vine is a new service acquired by Twitter and it allows you to create six seconds video clips and that clips shared on social networks including Twitter and Facebook.


According to release notes,

“The “upload” feature requires a big and expensive dedicated server to encode videos and make them compatible with the Vine service. This feature is available through an inexpensive in-app purchase. You will be able to test the service two times for free”.

6Sec is a superb Vine client for Windows Phone and according to Rudy Huyn, it is the only full Vine client app which includes upload feature for Windows Phone.


6Sec Windows Phone App Features

  • Find, follow, and interact with people close to you.
  • Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and channels.
  • Search Vines using hashtags.
  • Share Vines to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Lens support – Users can create Vines from within the camera app
  • Account creation – Create an account, login with Facebook and manage your account e.g. profile photo
  • Live Tile – double wide tile support, including notification support (background agent)

Download Link for 6Sec Windows Phone App

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