Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most powerful samrtphone available at present and packed lots of features. If you think you have played completely with your Galaxy S4 and have uncovered all the features, then you may be wrong. As gadget geeks finding new toggles and buttons to play with is the fun of a new phone. Galaxy S4 contains some “hidden” features you may not have figured out yet. Samsung posted a list of 10 semi-secret features the Samsung Galaxy S4 has.

1-      You can save your data usage and save on your battery life with the Wi-Fi Timer on your Galaxy S4. By tapping – Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced >Wi-Fi Timer – you can adjust the starting and ending time of you usage. It can automatically turn on Wi-Fi and then turn it off again at preset time. You can use this feature in the night as it will automatically turn off Wi-Fi during your sleeping hours and again turn it on in the morning so you don’t miss any notifications.

Wi-Fi Timer

2-      How many times you have missed the chance to take the best picture shots because of the time it takes to activate the camera? In Samsung Galaxy S4 you can Access the Camera from Lock Screen. You can take the best shots of any situation or events easily by accessing the camera from the lock screen on your Galaxy S4. You can get this access just by tapping – Settings > My Device > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Widgets > Camera. Next time you can launch the camera as you swipe to the left on the lock screen. This shortcut doesn’t work if you have set the lock screen as a pattern or PIN.

Access the camera from lock screen

3-      Your phone unexpectedly ring or a notification arrives in the middle of the night during sleep hours or in an important meeting or other times, when you don’t want noisy interrupting. You can block notifications with your Galaxy S4. You can turn on Blocking Mode by tapping — Settings > My device > Blocking mode – and turn off select notifications during a select time period. You can also add contacts to the Allowed list so you don’t miss any urgent calls.

Blocking mode

4-      Trouble-Hearing the person on the other end of the phone during a call in a noisy environment. The Samsung Galaxy S4 screen has several buttons on its in-call screen to help by Optimizing in call Audio Clarity. You can personalize the sound of an incoming or outgoing call by selecting an Audio Equalizer Setting. You can boost the volume by tapping the on-screen Extra Volume button, and activate noise reduction by turning on the noise reduction mode to suppress the surrounding noises. These options can be accessed by going to Call in My device and Settings.

optimizing in-call audio clarity

5-      Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a pop-up keyboard function that allows you to use several apps simultaneously by moving the keyboard anywhere you want. The detachable or pop-up keyboard helps you to type in one app (an SMS or in a chat client), at the same time you can check the locations on the map or schedule any meeting or anything else on the other half of the screen.

Multitasking with Pop-up keyboard

6-      Galaxy S4 allows you to add your TV remote control to the notification panel. The WatchON Application will allow you to use your phone as a real-time TV guide and TV remote for a TV synced to the phone. You can use this by tapping – Application screen > WatchON > Settings – and then you will see the remote control on the notification panel. This feature can also be used as a remote control for other media devices, including DVD, Blue-ray players, and Home Theater Systems.

Add TV remote control to the notofication pannel

7-      You can access Quick setting panel by pulling down the status bar with two fingers for a complete overview of all options directly. You used to see only five icons if you had only used one finger to pull down the status bar.

Quick Setting Pannel

8-      Galaxy S4 offers Adapt Sound function that will tune the music player for you. Using this you can optimize music and in-call audio quality. You just have to plug in your favorite set of headphones to your phone, tap – Settings > My device > Sound > Adapt Sound – to activate the function. When you select start, you will go through the test which determines the capabilities of your headphones and tunes the equalizer appropriately. Using this function, your phone will be able to deliver the appropriate levels of volumes for you.

Adapt Sound Function

9-      For watching a YouTube videos, you can zoom in or shrink with a pinch gesture, adjust the sound and brightness during playback straight from the screen. Galaxy S4 offers pinch-to-zoom feature, that allows users to enjoy the video contents in an easier way.

10-    You can change the lock screen message and add your personality to your galaxy S4 by changing the font and colors. You can activate this option by going to – Settings > My Device > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Widget > Edit personal information.

So play with all these features that will help you make the most of your Galaxy S4 and enjoy more.


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